2023 Program

We ran for the board for the first time in 2019 with a program promising to "fight for strong representation of “tenured" faculty, junior faculty/postdocs, and PhD students on the Univ. of Copenhagen board, through engagement with the rest of the board, including students, and external members." We have done exactly that and have made serious progress, as you can read in the articles about our work linked here

Our core value is that University of Copenhagen should be a university focused on research and education, lead by researchers and in respect of core academic values, including academic freedom.

You can find a comprehensive 12 point program below, including progress reports since 2020.

For the next period there are some issues that need urgent priority. One grand concern being stress among faculty, PhDs and Postdocs. We believe stress is often tied to concrete issues that we have the power to change, and hence the following are key goals for the next period.

First, we need to work on better hiring procedures and career paths, in particular  PhDs and postdocs who are in a precarious position in that the constant ebb and tide of external money removes predictability from the system creating stress and anxiety. We need more predictability in procedures and advertisement of positions so that hires are done according to quality, and not random factors e.g., sudden appearance or disappearance of a money pot. For PhDs and postdocs we also need provide better security if things go wrong (cf. 6-9 below).

Second, we need to finish our work on securing leadership by researchers, in particular on the department level. We are half-way through, see the articles describing our accomplishments, but important work remains to be done.  (cf. also 5-6 below.)

Third, there is a battle going on right now about the admistration. While everybody agrees that the administration is structurally broken, and a constant source of stress, opinions differ on how to fix it. We are also half way through this battle, and if we are re-elected we will finish the fight. We need to secure a strong local administration, build around supporting the needs of the researchers, not build a bureaucratic monster (cf. also 3-4 below).

The details of these things are often complicated, and we have spent days and days on it. If you re-elect Involve the researchers! you will have two knowledgable and dedicated VIP representatives in front aided by a large group of supporter from across KU, who in a common front, will see the battle through.

Below is a list of 12 central issues that we work on. Below each point you will find background anno 2019, followed by a current status update. You will hopefully see that  progress has actually been made.  But we are not there yet on all fronts. If you reelect us, we will finish!